This Film Solutions is established by the Thin Film People and it is for the Thin Film People. Our motto is to provide easier and faster solutions to the day to day problems in thin film research and in thin film production. Quality and reliability are the watchwords of our Company.

Success through understanding
Productivity through innovation

Core competence of the Company :

Consultancy and Training
Functional Coatings and Surface Analysis through Kelvin Probe.

Aim of the company:
Easy and fast solutions to the day to day and long range problems in

  • Vacuum Technology
  • Thin film production and Quality Assurance techniques
  • Surface Engineering technologies
Scope of the company:
  • Affordable and efficient Consultancy services ( See Virtual Consultancy Portal)
  • Training Programs on vacuum, Thin film Technology and Surface Engineering (these Programs can be conducted in the Premises and Shop-floors of the Companies)
  • Provide solutions for Anti-tarnish coatings for Silver and Copper
  • Developing Modular Kelvin Probe equipment for non-destructive Surface analysis
  • Also design and fabricate cost effective and efficient laboratory Magnetron Cathodes (3 inch dia till 8 inch dia and rectangular cathodes of 15 inch by 5 inch)

Our expertise spans to:

  • Metal Oxide Thin Films,
  • Metal Nitride
    Metal Oxy-nitride thin films,
    Electro-Chromic thin films,
    Thin Film Photovoltaics,
  • Thin film oxide photo-catalysts.
We manufacture Kelvin probe equipmentfor measurement of Surface Work function of Metals and Semiconductors.
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