Virtual Consultancy Portal  (VCP)

With VCP: You have an Expert with you standing on your Shop-Floor. You are hiring an Expert almost for Free.

Problems in the Shop-floors is an every day affair.  Every shop-floor Engineer likes to learn for better productivity. An Expert in your Shop-floor is always a fortune.
Every Manager has questions on Quality Assurance.
Top Management needs direction and guidance in new products and new and efficient processes.
All these professionals need to talk to experts; need advice and opinion at the right time.
Everyone in the Company has a need for an Expert by their side : Now and Now.
Qucik Answers to Questions: Virtual Consultancy Portal (VCP)

How it works :

Company Registers with Thin Film Solutions (can use the enclosed form or provide the information in any form).  Signing (and strictly following) the NDA will be the first step.
All information from your Company will be protected and it will NEVER be revealed to ANYONE.    Confidentiality is the Prime character of Thin Film Solutions.
After the Registration, the consultancy starts immediately. A designated person from your Company will contact the Thin Film Solutions by email or by phone.
Every question will be answered, depending on the complexity (to the extent of available information) in the next within 48/ 72  Hours either by mail or by phone.In case the problem demands detailed explanation, a phone call time (at mutually convenient time) will be set up and the problem will be addressed. In the extreme case, Thin Film Solutions will visit the Shop-floor for personal interaction.
Your problem is our prime concern.  Cost effective and timely Solutions is the foundation for Thin Film Solutions.

Format for entering into Consultancy Agreement: Click Here

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